BRB Complete for Dogs


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Ingredients: Ground beef, ground chicken, ground chicken bone, ground green tripe, ground beef heart and liver, carob powder, dried kelp, alfalfa, ginger root, garlic, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, celery, apples, whole egg, cranberries, tricalcium phosphate, parsley leaf, flax seed oil, silicon dioxide, kelp meal, vitamins and mineral supplements


Crude Protein (min) 16.35%
Crude Fiber (max) 0.87%
Crude Fat (min) 6.01%
Moisture (max) 74.55%
Ash 1.42%
Calcium 109mg/100g
Iron 9.23mg/100g
Magnesium 21.1mg/100g
Sodium 150mg/100g
Vitamin A 9970 IU/100g
Vitamin C-HPLC <1.0mg/100g
Vitamin E 0.9 IU/100g

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